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When Things Are Challenging In Your Business

When things are challenging, find a way through. Giving up during difficult or slow times means you are only involved in half of your business. When it’s not easy, take a moment to dig deeper to know where you want to go and if any shifts are needed. Be wise and make critical decisions out of proactive action instead of reactive inclinations.

I Need a Fresh Start In My Marketing And Attitude


I need a fresh start in my marketing and attitude, as I had a rough year last year (business-wise), which affected the rest of my life. How do I bring a fresh approach to my business this year?


Accepting GROWTH as our new day-to-day format energizes our business decisions, keeping us on track for the long run. This freshness has to be the regular constant ingredient to what we do because the Advertising Industry is built on change. Find all the spots you may be holding yourself back with dated routines and structure experimentation/testing/new ideas as the new norm.

My Assignment For You

My Assignment For You:

Take a holiday. Notice how it feels to STOP carrying the everyday subliminal undercurrent of freelancing. Take a break. 

The holiday season is a good time to take a break from running your own business and relax. Even though January 1st is rapidly approaching, it is important to take a break and let yourself be recharged. Set a goal for the holiday season, such as cleaning off your desk and organizing your office, but only if you have the time for it. The main focus should be on taking a break and enjoying the holiday season. This will help you to come back in January with full energy and inspiration.

How Can I Take A Break When I Want So Much More?


How can I give myself a break and feel good about the success I experienced this year when I really want so much more?


How do we appreciate what we have created when an integral part of our goal is always to achieve more? We are in an odd situation as artistic entrepreneurs in that we must keep the inspiration fires lit while at the same time fully recharging. I don’t mean to be too poetic, but I see it like watering the garden. I have to quiet my mind for new ideas to pop up. If we don’t leave some empty space – we may not develop new ideas and new ideas are the key to our success.

My Nip + Tuck THANKFULNESS Assignment For You

My Nip + Tuck THANKFULNESS Assignment For You:

1. Take a cold, hard look and evaluate where you need a healthy attitude boost in your career. 

2. Which area of your work-world can you adjust the frustrations with an optimistic slant?

3. What positive may you be missing because of an old inner theme that may not work for you anymore?

Thanksgiving holiday provides an opportunity to reflect on what we are thankful for and adjust our attitudes in our careers. It is essential to stay positive and fuel ourselves with positivity to stay creative and achieve long-term career goals. As we navigate the rat race of our careers, we may face challenges, but we must accept how things are and find ways to be grateful for our careers. Thanksgiving week is an excellent time to check in and ensure that we have the right attitude to achieve our long-term career goals. Staying positive and grateful is crucial to staying creative, and it is why we Stern rep, and hopefully, you can connect with that enthusiasm.

How Can I Take a Break When Business Has Been Up and Down?


Holidays are coming soon, and I’m not feeling that cheerful attitude as business has been so up and down for me. It is hard for me not to worry about it and relax by taking a break. I’m a photographer for the long haul, but I’m not sure how to stop and enjoy this rat race. Any advice?


I’d predict that any photographer at any level will have these same thoughts based on the competitive nature of our business. We are usually triple bidding; trends come and go, not providing that reassuring safety as most of us are entrepreneurs without a stable incoming paycheck. Know what we are in for and run with it. You are in this, so we can’t fight the norms and swim against the stream. Question back to you- how can you fill the creative fuel tank?

Photographers Are The Creative Carrier Of A Client’s Vision

Once hired for a project, you have a role as the creative carrier of a client’s vision to become a reality. They look to you to lead the technicalities, shaping their investment in their best interest. Be that leader mapping out the best way for them to achieve their goals. You’ve accepted this job as their DIRECTOR every step of the way.

As a photographer, it is important to be the director of your shoots, even if you are not feeling it at times. Clients are looking for someone to bring out the vibe they are seeking in the talent and crew, and to feel comfortable and secure. This means overseeing everything, even if there is a producer on set. Being the director is crucial to ensuring the success of the shoot and the satisfaction of the client.

BUSINESS ANALYTICS Begin with Researching your Competition

BUSINESS ANALYTICS begins with researching your competition. 

Use your rival’s success as your master’s degree guidebook for potential improvements – what exactly sets them apart, and what do clients captivated by in their images? What are the high-line business standards seen on the top competitor’s website and Instagram that we need to use as a wake-up call?

Don’t Be Too Busy To Focus On Your Long-Term Career Intentions

Don’t be too busy to focus on your long-term career intentions. Our freelance industry is distracting and zooms by quickly; we could wake up and feel shocked that we let time get away from us. Spend at least one-third of daily busyness aiming at the desired career path. 

Don’t be too busy for your career, especially for those in the freelancing industry. Freelancers may feel that they have the luxury of not working on days when they are not on set or in the office, but this is not true. Freelancers must be accountable and keep themselves on track by setting goals, scheduling their time, and mapping out how they will achieve their goals. They must make the most of their time, working towards their office goals every day, whether they are working or not. Be disciplined and stick to a schedule in order to succeed in this fast-paced industry.

Getting Back On Track With Our Business

Getting back on track requires more than hopping back to where we were before. Fine-tuning the business tools*, making sure they are up to par, and matching the level of achievement we are setting our sights on. What we put into this is what we get out of it. 

*See our Marketing Strategy Planner on