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Temp Rep

Temporary Representation with Andrea Stern of SternRep

Need a rep on your side?

Photographers BIDDING on a project or dealing with image licensing RENEWAL requests or COPYRIGHT issues may need a photo agent’s guidance and negotiation support. I call this Temp Repping, where I become your rep voice to help get you the job while overseeing that you are protected and paid properly.

Temporary representation cases can happen as either; a) I advise you behind the scenes or; b) I step in to negotiate directly on your behalf, serving as the liaison between you and the client for the entirety of the job(s).

*For more information on Temp Repping, see

How To Begin

Email me ([email protected]) a description of the project or the situation needing financial negotiation. I will determine if it’s a situation where we can do well together, and then we will strategize our plan based on the specifics of each project. 


I charge 15-25% of your fees depending on each situation only if we get the job. There is no cost to you if we do not get the job; I get paid if you get paid. It’s a win-win.

I get to do what I enjoy: being that business voice for photographers to get the most out of every opportunity.


I have worked with over 100 un-repped photographers bidding with clients, including Magnolia Bakery, Sonic Drive-In, Audi, HGTV, Chevy, Merrell, NFL, Adidas, ESPN, Sunbrella, DirectTV, Jack Daniels, State Farm, Delta, Pacifico, HP, Lexus, Target, Disney, Purina, Airbnb, Priceline, Timberland, Darigold, Chase Bank, Bosch, Duluth Trading Co, and Title Nine.

“Andrea is an absolute pleasure to work with. She possesses all the qualities you’d expect from a top-tier renowned agent: she is knowledgeable, flexible, current, and stern when needed (pun intended).”

– Sam Grant |

“Honest, fair, wise, heart-centered: this is Andrea Stern. When I brought her on as a temp rep for my last gig I felt tremendously supported and encouraged. She let me be the fun and enthusiastic creative I love to be with the client while she held down the professional side, asking all the right questions and gently guiding my hand on the treatment, bid, and client relations.”

– Tom Kubik |

“I love working with Andrea as a temp rep! She is always so positive, on top of things, quick to respond, and supportive. Working with her makes the hard parts of this job (bidding, negotiating, etc.) easier. Andrea is not only a fantastic rep, but she is real and a great person to talk to.”

– Sofia Jarramillo |