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Spam Filters


My consultant is helping me with emailers, although I notice they go unread due to spam filters at many agencies (confirmed by my direct outreach). Is there a preferred platform for an email list emailer? Something that allows for reading/open tracking that won’t get spam filtered?


Every client has a different email guarded system that we can’t control. Clients tend to move around from company to company so often that we must constantly revise our lists. The one solution I go for is to get as many approved emails and try to send them in a multitude of ways. I’ll do just an email for anyone to open and click. Next to IG, monitoring this system is the 2nd best way to be seen by the most people in one day. If we stay on this as regularly as possible, along with our IG engagement, we can cover a lot of ground, even if the results look insignificant.

Essential Marketing Tools


What are the essential marketing tools these days, and which past tools have become less relevant?


Marketing tools tend to come and go, but the KEY is to be the leader of the pack by instilling new ways or the return of the old ones. Printed promos and portfolios are on the out, but I’ve seen it happen before; someday soon, they will be back. My job as a rep has always been about expanding and cultivating new marketing routes to see what works. I jumped on Clubhouse initially but no longer saw the marketing benefits as strongly as doing my webinar and podcast to be showcased on my YouTube. If a marketing trend goes cold, the right question is, what is the new replacement I can do asap?

** Marketing tools chart available on downloads

What is Your Special Something?

What is your special something? What do you offer that is your secret sauce, your tipping point, what do you offer that sets you apart?

Maximize your SELLING POINTS by reassuring the client they are in good hands, relying on your specialty to get the job done. 

Showing Clients’ Work With or Without Permission


After shooting with an international client, I had a frustrating experience when I asked if I could show the images, and the response was that I could not show them. I’m just getting started, so I was excited to use these to help me leverage my career. How are other photographers able to post work they create with large brands?


My unofficial assessment of this issue is some clients say it, and some clients mean it. I’ve never lost a client after being reprimanded for this. Of course, you never want to be surprised by our client’s terms, so read them carefully and adjust your fees accordingly. We have a few options – ask and cross your fingers, don’t ask and claim ignorance, respect not posting on public platforms, or pick and choose to show the images in a pdf or an email promo to a select group.

Marketing Outreach

Save time and make the most of each marketing outreach session by sticking with a similar theme. 

OUTREACH Helpful Tips:

  1. Stick to one main message to copy and paste, just swapping in their name and something personally related to them. 
  2. Focus on one company or one type of client to use the same overall message. 
  3. Start with mutually connected people to find the right contacts and use who you know to warm up the conversation.
  4. Have one specific point of timely information giving a purpose to your message. 

Personal Work on Instagram


Here’s one for you! Sometimes I wonder how much personal work I should share on Instagram. I feel it occasionally adds a pop of color or style to my feed, mixed in with my client work. But I don’t want to overdo it. Hmmm.


Your apprehensive response is correct. At the moment, your Instagram feed may feel like a daily update, but you have to approach this as your long-term business referral selling point. You don’t want to overdo the personal work in your feed, as the timely or obscure twist could work against the quick, powerful read of what you will bring to a project.

Marketing Promo Types for Photographers

A promo type that will work for one client may not work for another; that is why I use all four of these methods to get my promos out.

Four Promo Types:

  1. Mass email promo showing an individual project or a specific theme with one or more images. 
  2. Mass newsletter email promos are a summary update sharing news with a collection of images. 
  3. One-Sheet promo is an attachment on a short email not needing to be scrolled, creating a warmer, more personable email.
  4. Printed mailers or leave-behinds with the hopes of being easily saved by clients come in many shapes and sizes designed to show off your work’s branded vibe.

As you may notice, I did not include a pdf attachment on my promo list as they can often be mistaken for dangerous spam materials when sent by strangers.

Rep Mentality

Every photographer can have that REP MENTALITY mindset, no matter your situation. Your job is to continuously keep your REP (Mentality) excited by actively feeding your marketing supply chain.

You Are a Business Owner With a Marketing Mentality

Photographers come from the training to be a photographer. I get it, but we must treat it as a business for this training to pay off. 24/7, you are now a business owner with a Marketing Mentality, always by your side and ready to go. What company can exist without marketing and self-promotion? We have to open up our sights, taking this where we want to go. 

Marketing Tip = Timeliness

Marketing Tip = Timeliness

Immediate follow-up is one way to secure your position in a client’s memory. 

Use the open door at the moment to open the doors of your future through LinkedIn, IG, a handwritten card, send a plant, an email or any type of old-fashioned follow-up whether you get the job or not. Go with what works by using the moment to your advantage.