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Following Up With Potential Clients Who Open Your Newsletter


How do I follow up with someone who appears to have opened my newsletter repeatedly, but I don’t have any relationship with them, and their agency doesn’t appear to do work that aligns with mine? This makes it hard even to know what to send as a follow-up. It’s hard to know how to open the conversation without the incredibly creepy “I see you’ve been opening my newsletter a lot this week.”



Our long-term marketing efforts are the goal, as we know how creatives move around rapidly from one client to another. While you have the correct landing info for the ones who open your promos – USE IT! Get on LinkedIn, Instagram, or their personal website, or email them and connect so you can take advantage of this rare (and expensive) opportunity. 

The Key To Getting More Out of Your MARKETING

The key to getting more out of your MARKETING is to constantly add new work to your portfolio. Give your marketing plan what it needs to get you where you want to go!

How Do I Market Myself As A High-Profile Photographer?

I want to brand myself as a high-profile portrait photographer. How and where can I market myself? Who would be my major potential client? How should I reach them?

As with all industries in the commercial world, the path to success is somewhat similar. Educate yourself about other high-profile portrait photographers and analyze their clients and marketing methods. Research everywhere their work can be found and what tools they are utilizing. 

Who To Connect With When Approaching A Big Ad Agency


When approaching a big ad agency, who should I connect with? I usually hit up a mid-level art director, but should I be approaching producers? I tend to send expensive DM pieces, so I can’t ship to everyone!


The decision-makers at big ad agencies include the Creative Director, Art Director, and Producers. All three are involved with different roles, but the AD usually chooses which photographer will be the “recommend” to the client for the final decision. My method is to contact all of them and see who responds, giving me better odds of a more personalized, well-received marketing piece.

I Need a Fresh Start In My Marketing And Attitude


I need a fresh start in my marketing and attitude, as I had a rough year last year (business-wise), which affected the rest of my life. How do I bring a fresh approach to my business this year?


Accepting GROWTH as our new day-to-day format energizes our business decisions, keeping us on track for the long run. This freshness has to be the regular constant ingredient to what we do because the Advertising Industry is built on change. Find all the spots you may be holding yourself back with dated routines and structure experimentation/testing/new ideas as the new norm.

Will It Help To Lower Prices To Bring In More Clients?


How do I get hired as I am just starting with my photo business? Will it help if I lower my prices to bring in more clients?


Newer up-and-coming photographers can be more flexible to help build their portfolios. The flexibility of giving more of your time, post work, and more options like video can help get you started. Still, be mindful of the long-term by not lowering the value of your image usage licensing rate. 

How You Market Yourself Depends On How Different Clients Find Can You

Photographers wanting to bring in clients with larger budgets must ask where low-budget clients find you. Where are you putting yourself that gets noticed, and how to reach out further? Marketing is not something we do one time, spend our marketing budget, and sit back and wait. It has to be this ongoing trial of new ways, new unproven avenues of networking exploration changing over time to bring in an assortment of mixed-budget clientele.

Some photographers are being offered lower usage and creative fees than their day rates by their repeat clients. If photographers want higher rates, they should focus on attracting clients who value their work and are willing to pay a premium for it. The importance of marketing oneself across all platforms to attract a diverse range of clients with varying budgets. We also receive requests for lower amounts than we find acceptable, but we also receive larger requests, indicating a mix of clientele. The key takeaway is that photographers should focus on marketing themselves to attract clients who value their work and are willing to pay a fair price for it.

Discussing The Pros And Cons Of Email Promos With Many Remote Clients

Email Promos are the way to go. 

Years ago we would diversify with mailer promos, but nowadays, it’s challenging with many remote clients. The unsuccessful percentage of clicks and opened emails may discourage us, but how many opportunities do we have for 100 or 1000 potential clients to view our work? I invest in email promos even as many don’t get opened; the ones that do can be priceless.

We are so excited about a recent successful email promotion. We sent out a lot of email promos using a list called the Bikinilist and received two immediate responses to bid on this photographer. While the numbers may not always be on their side, sending out a big list can really pay off.

Should I Pay For Advertising On Social Media?


What are your thoughts on photographers paying for advertising on social media? At times, it feels like degrading to our work, but on the other hand, why not pay to place your photos in front of the right people (and grow your audience)?


If you can find a way to pay for social media that really works, then you should do that. It can be tricky to get images in front of the right people, so depending on your correct client contact list make sure you are paying for the right audience.