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Wednesday Wisdoms

Use The Creative Call To Close The Deal And Get The Job

Take that Creative Call as the opportunity to close the deal and get the job. Show up as you would in any conversation. Be present and respond by sharing your opinions/thoughts/ideas/excitement throughout the call. They are wondering who you are, and this is your opportunity to give them a sense of who you would be on set. 

Take Advantage Of The Spare Time Between Jobs

Take advantage of the spare time between jobs by getting all your prep work done. Be ready to pounce. Remember to distinguish off-shoot days from extra time, creating lower quality, frantic, and last-minute production stress. Get your checklist in order with all the necessary pieces like bid forms, dig tech and crew, retouchers, location scouts, stylists, producers, and TEMP REP (if needed).

Communicate WIth Your Client To Aid In Negotiation


Get the most information in the shortest amount of time with a good old-fashioned client Phone Call. Use the phone time wisely to get those “awkward to ask” questions about budget, first choice, competition, and lowest bid topics. It’s that one-to-one camaraderie with off-the-cuff, less self-aware personalized touch moments. 

The Key To Getting More Out of Your MARKETING

The key to getting more out of your MARKETING is to constantly add new work to your portfolio. Give your marketing plan what it needs to get you where you want to go!

The One Correct Business ‘Roadmap” Is A Myth

The one correct business ‘roadmap’ is a myth. I notice people in our business assuming there is an ideal way we should all strive for, but that is not what’s happening out there. Trust me, each of us is doing this differently, and your ideal plan should depend more on who you are vs. any set formula we all need to keep up with or fit into.

How To Use Estimates To Our Advantage

I know we all want to send correct estimates, but sometimes, not knowing all of the detailed bid info, I see the opportunity to get one more round of feedback after I submit the estimate. I use it to my advantage.

How To Avoid Getting Trapped In Bid Prices

Save yourself from getting trapped in bid prices without correct production tasks by naming your estimate as a BALLPARK BID. Your costs can be listed as menu options instead of included in your total. “Costs may change depending on the information provided.” All the ways to be as accurate as you can with the information you’ve been given. 

My Assignment For You

My Assignment For You:

Take a holiday. Notice how it feels to STOP carrying the everyday subliminal undercurrent of freelancing. Take a break. 

Top Two Recommendations When Searching For a Photo Rep


1. Your reasons for needing a rep should lead to the questions you cover with agents to ensure they supply the specific areas you need help with. 

2. Who are the clientele you want to be in front of? Go for the reps who are already in your client’s mix. Whoever the rep works with is where you will be getting attention.