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Wednesday Wisdoms

Don’t Take It Personally

Don’t take it personally means treating your business like a business. You are a corporate business owner and rather than taking it personally, take it all like a CEO would and ask yourself how you could’ve done it better. See where you can take responsibility and make improvements.

Email Promos Are Not Getting Through To Clients

Facing A Fact: Our 3rd party email promos are not getting through due to the client’s email filters. 

Lessons to be learned:

-Even though this has been true for a while now, hearing it directly from a client makes it even more real. 

-We cannot rely on email promos as our single source of marketing.

-We can use the ‘clicked on’ info as even more valuable to see who is seeing our work. 

-Outdated promotion tactics have a place, but we have to stretch out and find less capacity ways to reach out.

Photographers of All Ages Must Embrace Continuous Reinvention for Career Success

As a photographer’s career progresses they must continue to reinvent themselves. A photographer must explore and grow to show what they can bring to the job. This is a young-person’s career unless photographers of every age commit to staying hungry for fresh inspiration and new ways to communicate their vision.

Finding Your Strengths And Weakness In Your Marketing Plan

As business owners, we must get our Marketing Plan in place to direct all the potential areas we should spend our time and budget on. Know all available options for crystal clear analysis of what is working, what to try, and what needs our attention. You are a business, so have a plan.

Stay Strong In Your Style

Stay strong in your style. Don’t compromise your voice to be everything to everyone or you will get lost in the mix. It is your unique vision and execution which will set you apart from the pack and get you the job!

What Is The Quick Trick To Marketing Ourselves?

What is the trick to Marketing? Quick answer: Relationships. 

How to do this: Try everything, see what sticks, but only base some of your future marketing on what you learned in the past. I know this is tricky; we must try it all, keep experimenting, and DO NOT LIMIT OURSELVES only to what has worked in the past.

When Things Are Difficult, Find a Solution

When things are difficult, find a way through. Throwing your hands in the air or collapsing in frustration, these things do not move you forward. Pause, collect yourself and then take an action to move forward. 

Fact-Checking Clients To Better Improve Our Bidding

Bidding on a job requires fact-checking client answers. Often they are slow to come in or don’t get responded to. What do we do? Try a new way – make your questions form a cohesive list to be answered by attention-getting dashes, bullet points, or (my fave) numbers.

1. Understood?

This is YOUR Business, You Are Not Just An Artist

This is YOUR business. Do you have insurance? Are you tracking expenses and income? Do you have a business license? You are not just an artist anymore, you are a business owner, so take control and handle all necessary details.

Asking Clients Why You Didn’t Get The Job Is a Valuable Resource

Learning why we DID NOT get the job can be the most value-packed free resource, and I’m surprised by how available it is to us if we ask. With a bit of timely follow-through, we could potentially receive the clear strategic feedback every business needs.