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Photographers of All Ages Must Embrace Continuous Reinvention for Career Success

As a photographer’s career progresses they must continue to reinvent themselves. A photographer must explore and grow to show what they can bring to the job. This is a young-person’s career unless photographers of every age commit to staying hungry for fresh inspiration and new ways to communicate their vision.

Stay Strong In Your Style

Stay strong in your style. Don’t compromise your voice to be everything to everyone or you will get lost in the mix. It is your unique vision and execution which will set you apart from the pack and get you the job!

The Key To Getting More Out of Your MARKETING

The key to getting more out of your MARKETING is to constantly add new work to your portfolio. Give your marketing plan what it needs to get you where you want to go!

I Want My Portfolio To Feel More Like Me


I want my portfolio to feel more like me, but it keeps looking like the companies who hire me. I know this is holding me back, but I don’t know how to change this constant process of jobs feeding my portfolio.


Photographers, step one leads to step two. Even those who begin with a clear personalized style path will someday have to balance it to keep the long-term goal in line. The more routine we become, the less artistically inspired it gets. If photographers aren’t testing, the shorter our careers can become. Sorry, cold, hard fact. 

Producer vs. Photographer


I’m a freelance photographer who recently took an in-house photo producer job because my area’s industry has been slow, and I need a steady income to get back on my feet. Did I just set my photo career back by taking a temporary in-house producer job? In the future, will clients hire me as a freelance photographer again after they may see me as a producer?


The plain and simple answer across the board is dependent on your branding, which is dependent on two sticking points:

  • Will you be branding yourself correctly for clients to consider you when looking for a photographer?
  • Will your photo portfolio be strong enough to impress clients?



  1. BRANDING/identity – reveal the quick lowdown of WHAT YOU DO as we land on your site.
  2. DESIGN – placement and, size of images, overall spread cleanly mapped out with clear intention. 
  3. SCROLLING – keep us active, getting busy as soon as we arrive so that we stay.
  4. SEARCHABILITY – consolidate your options into clear groupings inviting us to click deeper into a fine-tuned search.
  5. STATIC HEADER – reminding us who you are no matter where we go on your site.

Comparing Yourself To Others


How can a photographer get out of the loop of comparing themselves to others and their careers?


Photographers looking for inspiration must be careful not to fall into the ‘comparison trap.’ Our careers move quickly, and if we get sidelined, assuming there is some correct roadmap to follow, we will get off course and never reach our potential. We are in an artistic career with one requirement – appreciate your “eye.”

Two Kinds of Photography at the Same Time


I want to get into Fashion and Lifestyle commercial photography. Can we do two kinds of photography at the same time?


Focusing on various markets comes up a lot for photographers of all types. I used to hear how European photographers were not as pigeonholed as we are in the USA. Hey, we are human and don’t want to be locked into one field when we have a spectrum of interests. The easiest way to approach this is to master one overall artistic sensibility, style, and vibe that can be relevant in several industries.

Working With A Rep


Should I work with an agent who has other photographers like me, or should I work with one who doesn’t have a photographer with my specialty?


The first major step in the rep search process is the skillset every photographer must master to succeed – I call it “the objective eye.” You have to be able to judge a “good” image and a “good” grouping of images. Will your work fit well within the rep’s roster, highlighting and amplifying your brand? Your well-curated viewpoint begins with a snap of the shutter and continues into portfolio/feed promotion. The rep requirement checklist grows from there, but this starting point should shape your search.

Finding The Right Rep Checklist

Finding the Right Rep Checklist:

  1. Who reps competing photographers you admire?
  2. Which reps work with the clients you want to be working with?
  3. Referrals work best, so ask those in the biz like a paid membership resource you are on, consultants, and clients for their rep suggestion. 
  4. What type of reps branding best fits your style?
  5. Start with a “Temp Rep” situation to get to know if you work with the same approach on a project. 
  6. What marketing platforms are most important to you, and which reps meet your standards in their marketing?
  7. The most important one is the rep’s reputation. Ask around and get some good reports on those you can trust.