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Photographer’s Office Hours

Photographer’s office hours can be challenging as it’s not exactly what we signed up for. Or is it? “Office hours” keep us plugged into work mode with random actions motivating us to keep going. Have your resources and your people, and reach out to those you want to connect with for no clear-cut reason. Plug yourself into all that keeps the office activated.

Moving Forward

Stepping forward is not about knowing the precise direction you are going; it means you are actively advancing. 

You are in the trendsetting business of getting hired to help move clients forward. This exploratory motion is the infrastructure of a long-term career in the creative industry.

Don’t Let Your Comfort Zones Limit Your Decisions

Don’t let your comfort zones limit your decisions. You are an artist and, in that job definition, means a requirement of experimentation. We are in a business based on broadening out through trial and error, not controlled by what you already know. 

Artist = Uncomfortable

How To Get The Job


Be the director the client will hire you to be, from start to finish.

Have your plan in mind and confidently share it as, “This is the way to go,” to achieve their goals.

There is no need to buffer it with safe comments like, “My opinion is…” when you want to be hired as the creative lead carrying out your creative vision.

It’s A New Year

It’s a New Year.

Business owners, now is the time to step forward with what does work. The more we know can sometimes hold us back. Not being experienced in something cannot guide the business model. Now is the time to jump into what ‘really matters’ by doing what we don’t already know.

Owners Need Time To Refuel

As business owners, we are responsible for scheduling time to refuel.

The long-term game plan of a quiet mind creates the metal space to hear new ideas.

Take this job requirement “business” holiday as the tool to clear the path of where you want to go.

Happy Thanksgiving

What became clear to you as your reset from this unstable last year of our lives? 

Happy Thanksgiving 2021!

Take Note

We are in business that requires a continuous flow of fresh vibes! Clients hire you for your IDEAS skillset; show them you are a non-stop source generating new ideas. Take note of how your ideas come alive, pinpoint what works, and schedule more of this into your routine.

Growing with the Flow

Success as a photographer requires a long-term plan of constantly “growing with the flow”. The busy shoot days come and go and so do the trends of our market. Your business is not about this month; it’s about putting in the right attitude to stay fresh until you retire. 

Don’t forget to invest in your career.

Take the Pressure Off

What do you do if you are in a SLUMP? In a creative slump, take the pressure off by knowing it’s really normal. You can’t be your artistically motivated self every day. Learn or experience something new to get the inspiration back. Delegate something that you don’t want to do yourself. Ask yourself why you became a photographer and do what feeds that same interest you had back then.