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Wednesday Wisdoms

The One Correct Business ‘Roadmap” Is A Myth

The one correct business ‘roadmap’ is a myth. I notice people in our business assuming there is an ideal way we should all strive for, but that is not what’s happening out there. Trust me, each of us is doing this differently, and your ideal plan should depend more on who you are vs. any set formula we all need to keep up with or fit into.

Photographers in the business do not have a set of norms for how to conduct their business. Each photographer has their own way of running their business, what kind of clients they want to attract, and what they are aiming for. There is no one set way of doing things, and each photographer has their own unique strengths and ways of getting themselves out there. Observing photographers from all over the world, as well as the six we represent, everyone is a bit different and we should figure out how they want to do things. There is no one pattern to follow, and photographers should focus on what they are great at, what they want to test, and how they want to shape their book. It is important to know that there is no set way to do things and photographers should not try to fit into a mold just because everyone else is doing it.

How To Use Estimates To Our Advantage

I know we all want to send correct estimates, but sometimes, not knowing all of the detailed bid info, I see the opportunity to get one more round of feedback after I submit the estimate. I use it to my advantage.

How To Avoid Getting Trapped In Bid Prices

Save yourself from getting trapped in bid prices without correct production tasks by naming your estimate as a BALLPARK BID. Your costs can be listed as menu options instead of included in your total. “Costs may change depending on the information provided.” All the ways to be as accurate as you can with the information you’ve been given. 

When bidding on projects with incomplete information, it is advisable to make ballpark bids to protect oneself from potential changes in costs. The use of TBD (to be determined) for uncertain details such as usage, and menuing out all possible options, can help emphasize that there may be fees associated with certain aspects of the project. It is important to make it clear that all estimates and bids are subject to change depending on new information and to avoid trapping oneself into fixed prices. The use of clear language in emails and estimates can help ensure that there are no misunderstandings or surprises later on.

My Assignment For You

My Assignment For You:

Take a holiday. Notice how it feels to STOP carrying the everyday subliminal undercurrent of freelancing. Take a break. 

The holiday season is a good time to take a break from running your own business and relax. Even though January 1st is rapidly approaching, it is important to take a break and let yourself be recharged. Set a goal for the holiday season, such as cleaning off your desk and organizing your office, but only if you have the time for it. The main focus should be on taking a break and enjoying the holiday season. This will help you to come back in January with full energy and inspiration.

Top Two Recommendations When Searching For a Photo Rep


1. Your reasons for needing a rep should lead to the questions you cover with agents to ensure they supply the specific areas you need help with. 

2. Who are the clientele you want to be in front of? Go for the reps who are already in your client’s mix. Whoever the rep works with is where you will be getting attention.

We provide two key recommendations for photographers looking to find the right representation. Firstly, photographers need to evaluate whether they actually need a rep in the first place. While reps were once invaluable for getting into clients and photographers, there are now many other ways that photographers can promote themselves and get their work seen. Therefore, photographers should assess their needs and determine whether a rep is necessary for them. Secondly, photographers need to consider the clients that the rep covers. Different reps specialize in different areas and have relationships with specific clients. Therefore, photographers should look for a rep that handles the areas that they need and has relationships with clients that would be a good fit for their portfolio. Photographers need to ask reps about the clients they cover and whether they handle the areas that the photographer needs. Ultimately, finding the right rep is about finding someone who can help the photographer get their work seen by the right clients.

Learn More About the Budget Before Making Your Estimate


It’s wild how many bidding requests we get from random clients that don’t even pertain to us. We must find out the budget before we waste our time. Even though that is the exact info clients usually refuse to give us, we have to push through by asking if their budget is between certain amounts. That type of “yes/no” question usually sparks a client to respond if it’s over what they have available to spend. Give it a try.

Do not waste your time doing estimates you don’t need to do. Photographers should avoid wasting time on estimates and calculations for clients who may not have the budget for their services. Instead, photographers should ask for a budget range upfront, so they can quickly determine if the client’s budget aligns with their own rates. By doing this, photographers can avoid spending time on clients who cannot afford their services and focus on those who can. Self-employed photographers need to be mindful of their time and avoid wasting it on unproductive activities.

My Nip + Tuck THANKFULNESS Assignment For You

My Nip + Tuck THANKFULNESS Assignment For You:

1. Take a cold, hard look and evaluate where you need a healthy attitude boost in your career. 

2. Which area of your work-world can you adjust the frustrations with an optimistic slant?

3. What positive may you be missing because of an old inner theme that may not work for you anymore?

Thanksgiving holiday provides an opportunity to reflect on what we are thankful for and adjust our attitudes in our careers. It is essential to stay positive and fuel ourselves with positivity to stay creative and achieve long-term career goals. As we navigate the rat race of our careers, we may face challenges, but we must accept how things are and find ways to be grateful for our careers. Thanksgiving week is an excellent time to check in and ensure that we have the right attitude to achieve our long-term career goals. Staying positive and grateful is crucial to staying creative, and it is why we Stern rep, and hopefully, you can connect with that enthusiasm.

Connecting With A Client Is The Best Sales Pitch

The BEST SALES PITCH I can recommend is to humanize what we call “sales” by listening. So simple and yet the most powerful way to negotiate, stay in front of clients, or sell ourselves. Take the first hello moment on a Zoom call, notice something about them, and ask a question. Connect by listening to get your foot in the doors. 

The best sales pitch is to humanize the clients and be real, honest, and listen to them. Humanizing the clients means to understand them, empathize with them, and treat them as individuals, not just as potential customers. Being real and honest means to not make false promises or exaggerate the product’s capabilities. Listening to the clients is crucial as people want to be heard and understood. It doesn’t take very long to notice something about them and ask them a question, which can help build a rapport and establish a relationship. The best sales pitch is to recommend the product or service that meets the client’s needs and wants, not just to sell something for the sake of making a sale. The key is to build trust and credibility with the clients, which can lead to long-term relationships and referrals.

What Key Term Should You Be Putting on Your Estimate?

An estimate term that should be on the top of all bids:  “Estimate is valid for 15 days from date of issue.” Don’t get stuck with prices that are no longer accurate. 

The validity of an estimate for music services is only for 15 days from the date of issue. The pricing mentioned in the estimate cannot be regarded as valid for a year since prices can change due to various reasons. For example, if a client has a hold on a particular stylist and talent and they come in after three weeks, the prices might not be the same, and the people on hold might not be available. The estimate’s validity is crucial since there are many elements at play, and clients need to be aware of the timeline.