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Wednesday Wisdoms

Marketing Misconception

A Marketing Misconception is to think of self-promotion material as needing to be new unseen work. Not true. 

Self-promotion means utilizing your branded portfolio style to catch the attention of YOUR client market. 

Create different groupings of themed images that fit together with a new catchy phrase that will inspire clients to dive deeper into your existing portfolio.

Overage Estimates

Overage estimates get us paid for any financial changes after the job amount is officially approved via signature or purchase order. Be careful not to approximately declare an overage amount until officially sending in the overage estimate for approval. This overage estimate requires approval of its own PO or a revised original PO reflecting the revised costs. 

Getting Back On Track With Our Business

Getting back on track requires more than hopping back to where we were before. Fine-tuning the business tools*, making sure they are up to par, and matching the level of achievement we are setting our sights on. What we put into this is what we get out of it. 

*See our Marketing Strategy Planner on



  1. BRANDING/identity – reveal the quick lowdown of WHAT YOU DO as we land on your site.
  2. DESIGN – placement and, size of images, overall spread cleanly mapped out with clear intention. 
  3. SCROLLING – keep us active, getting busy as soon as we arrive so that we stay.
  4. SEARCHABILITY – consolidate your options into clear groupings inviting us to click deeper into a fine-tuned search.
  5. STATIC HEADER – reminding us who you are no matter where we go on your site.

Yin and Yang of Creative Business

Success as a Creative Business requires a simultaneous balance of our daily work mode coexisting with our recharged creative tank. It takes both of these parts of our business, yin and yang, working together to set ourselves up for true long-term satisfaction. 

An Email Promo Mistake

#1 mistake with email promos is thinking clients will take the extra step to see more. 

Our human tendency is to rush to delete emails. It almost brings us joy to delete. Don’t fall into this trap by wasting the top of your email with space or your logo. Immediately show the goods, making your point even if it’s deleted without a scroll to see more.

Photographers Are The Package Deal

Photographers are the package deal of stills/video/motion. 

All are one and the same, treating each with equal importance as we raise our area of expertise to fulfill our client’s needs. 

Long Lasting Career

Photographers, if you are like me, you want this career to last long and not be a one-trick pony blip on your path. 

As important as your work may seem, that fades. Bring the deeply satisfying joy into your career now; that is the road to stay on. 

Thanksgiving Holiday Assignment

Thanksgiving Holiday Assignment:

  • List 5 ways your business is right on track. 
  • List 5 areas where your business needs your attention.

Ageism is NOT About AGE

Ageism is Not about AGE. 

Ageism is any age photographer who gets tired, stops pushing the boundaries, and stops testing and exploring. 

Younger photographers don’t own the exciting, hot, trending markets, but they often seem more available to lean into newness with an open mind.