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Use The Creative Call To Close The Deal And Get The Job

February 28, 2024

Take that Creative Call as the opportunity to close the deal and get the job. Show up as you would in any conversation. Be present and respond by sharing your opinions/thoughts/ideas/excitement throughout the call. They are wondering who you are, and this is your opportunity to give them a sense of who you would be on set. 

The creative call is a crucial part of the process for getting a job in the commercial advertising industry. While the treatment, bidding, and portfolio are important, the creative call is when the potential client wants to interact with the photographer and see what kind of person they will be on the shoot. During the call, it is important to listen carefully to the shot list and other details, but also to be ready to jump in and express ideas or technical knowledge. Sharing personal experiences or perspectives on camera angles, fashion, coloring, lighting, and other aspects of the shoot can demonstrate creativity, passion, and professionalism. The creative call is an opportunity to showcase who the candidate will be on set and how they can contribute to the success of the project.