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Portfolio Reviews

Be Ready With Your Purpose

To get the most out of your online/zoom portfolio reviews, be ready with your purpose. What do you want to get out of it? Have your points of interest and questions ready to keep the topic flowing in the direction that fulfills your goal. 

Consultants for Portfolio Review


Who are consultants you recommend for portfolio/website review?


Consultants can be a game changer because they know the business and they know how to shape your website/portfolio to fit the current market. When you aren’t hearing back often from clients, give a consultant a try and see what they have to say. I believe in them so much that I just created a section on my website for them.

Don’t Speak

We have better odds that clients will remember our work if we don’t speak as they flip though your portfolio pages.

Portfolio Viewings


I often hear portfolio viewings are so crucial, yet I’ve never seen any locally or within driving distance. Should I consider traveling to a larger area such as NYC to have this done?


Yes, a one on one or group showing with your portfolio is extremely valuable. I’d highly recommend these for a photographer at any level of their career. Bring them some chocolate!

Do You Still Need a Printed Book?


(Agency Access): Do you still need a print book?


(Agency Access): The answer is YES,


When a client is seriously considering you for a job, they want to see your book. When your rep goes to visit a client, they need a book. When you go to portfolio reviews, you need a book. Some folks have moved on to iPads which is a good move if you do video. Clients still love to see your images in print and there are never technical difficulties with a print book. Make at least one big, beautiful, no plastic sleeve, full bleed, to die for book. It won’t disappoint. 


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