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Should Photographers Tag Crew Info on Social Media?

October 9, 2023


I’ve been chatting with photographers about the issue of tagging/adding crew info in the IG comments of a job image. Some don’t want to give credit because they don’t want others to hire their crew, and others think it’s only fair to give everyone credit where credit is due. Is there an industry standard for this?


I may not give the most honorable or “right” answer to this, but as a rep, my opinion is based on what will help you. For example, if a client wants to be tagged, it will help you to tag them. If your crew will appreciate it and want to work with you more, or they have a large following, and you’d benefit from it potentially being reposted, it can be a win/win. You should feel good about your decision, whether to feel good-hearted or not tagging to get a clean design; your call.