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Making The Most Out Of Zoom Portfolio Reviews

June 19, 2023


Do you have advice on preparing for and making the most out of Zoom portfolio reviews? Do photographers create a slideshow that they present and click through? It feels very different and possibly harder to stand out/be memorable than an in-person review.


Make the most of the marketing wave of Zoom calls: 

  • “Catch it while you can” -Clients were over-saturated with portfolio Zoom chats and stopped for a while, so we need to be ready to catch the phase of their return. 
  • We must do whatever we can to stay connected to clients away from the office. 
  • Have an enticing presentation! Be prepared with eye-catching samples explaining your process and how you work. 
  • Make it memorable and as authentically human as possible so they walk away feeling like they met and know you (and will remember you).