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Using Discounted Rates To Work With a Certain Client

June 21, 2023

You’ve been told the potential client’s budget, and you’d like to meet it but don’t want to be held to that amount in the future – use the words “Discounted Rate” as the best excuse not to guarantee that same rate next time. Even better, put a discounted percentage subtracted under your actual total to show the deal they are getting.

“Discounted rate” is a term used to protect oneself from future pricing when bidding for a job that has a lower budget than what it should actually cost. By taking off a certain amount from the total bid, one can still get the job, have the desired images for their portfolio, and protect themselves from future pricing demands. This approach is useful when the client is desirable and the type of images is beneficial for the portfolio. This way, the bidder is protected from being trapped into meeting the same requirements in the future. It is also possible to avoid listing out prices and just providing the total amount to be charged for the job.