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Client Work Posted Without Permission

August 8, 2022


I’ve had a lot of my client work posted in articles like Hypebeast, WWD, and Complex without my permission or crediting my name. How much do people charge for usage like that? How do I deal with charging if clients keep getting my work up on big-name articles like this without consent?


I am surprised these sites would not require your permission to show your images. They are taking quite the risk themselves in doing that. Depending on your relationship with your client and these sites, you could go after payment including a penalty fee. The normal chare for these is probably in the $200-$500 range. I am not in this type of business so I am not exactly sure about the prices but that is my guess. You could go after both of them threatening legal action and demanding more but that may damage your relationship. Perhaps talk to the client first to get this settled fairly.