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Give Your Marketing Outreach a Purpose

August 3, 2022

Save time and make the most of each marketing outreach session by sticking with a similar theme. 

OUTREACH Helpful Tips:

  1. Stick to one main message to copy and paste, just swapping in their name and something personally related to them. 
  2. Focus on one company or one type of client to use the same overall message. 
  3. Start with mutually connected people to find the right contacts and use who you know to warm up the conversation.
  4. Have one specific point of timely information giving a purpose to your message. 

15 to 20 percent of a photographer’s marketing budget and time should be spent on outreach to potential clients, whether they are past clients or new ones. Having a specific point or question to ask when reaching out is essential, as it shows that you have taken the time to understand the client’s work or interests. Whether connecting through social media or in-person meetings, it is important to have something meaningful to say and to share updates about your own business growth and progress. By doing so, you can establish a rapport with potential clients and increase the chances of securing new business.