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Bidding for Branding Services

February 14, 2022


I was invited to bid for what developed into branding services for a white-labeling startup company. The company to whom I was “bidding” did not actually provide a specific scope, brief or RFP. Such is how it grew into a “branding” project. Their communication with me wasn’t very responsive. I interpreted it being more like an RFI, providing them with the following:

  1. A list of typical deliverables.
  2. A list of things not included.
  3. A budget range with minimum & not-to-exceed amounts. 
  4. An explanation of how scope development was needed to pinpoint the actual cost of services. 
  5. Scope development was included in the minimum.

What is your opinion on my approach on the above mentioned project?


This request sounds like the massive amount of undeveloped clients using social media mass photographer reachability to save them money. You’ll need to quickly assess if this is a reliable potential client or an “info for free” mass request.

They are asking you to be their creative development ad agency so you can:

  1. Do that for free.
  2. Give them your hourly rate for that type of branding work.
  3. Tell them to contact you again when they have their shot list spec sheet prepared.