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Library vs. Campaign

March 1, 2021


I’ve heard the term “library” used a lot the last couple of years. Can you shed some light on the terminology of “library” vs “campaign”? To me, when I hear “campaign,” I think of a small-ish amount of focused images to sell something specific like a product or lifestyle. When I hear “library” I think of a larger amount of more generic images able to be multipurpose for various uses.


Library means the client will buy the “package deal” not to be limited on an image count. A library shoot is a much larger usage, so your fee should reflect that increase. As a rep, I prefer a specific image amount for the licensing rights to be more controlled and get the photographer paid for each image. Usually, the price per image is lower when they buy an entire “library.” Our strategy is to structure usage fees based on the concept that the client will purchase more images in the future and continually need to renew the duration.