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Elevator Pitches

February 24, 2021

Have a genuine self sales chat (elevator pitch) ready to go for an awkward portfolio showing or a zoom meeting when you need something to share about yourself.

Be prepared with a few tidbits that won’t sound like “sales,”  but more like you sharing a story of an experience you had that shows how you like to work.

We know that you probably aren’t a salesperson if you’re listening to this and you’re more of a creative person, but you are a creative business. You need to have a sales pitch, or an elevator pitch. It needs to express who you are or how you dealt with something on a shoot that makes you more valuable to them. You need to know your client and who they work with and what kind of scenarios might come up for them. Have a few stories or scenarios to discuss because it shows that if something happens during a shoot, you would be able to handle it because of a past experience. Have these talking points ready to go so that when you’re in the moment you just have these keywords to remember if there’s an awkward moment of silence or you only have one minute to make an impression. How are you going to say what you need to say? What would you say to this person? What do you want from this person? Do you want to take them to lunch? Do you want to have a meeting? Do you want to talk to them about an idea you have? Have it ready to go.