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Be Proactive On Instagram

May 8, 2019

Be proactive on instagram: follow clients + potential clients. Like their posts. Write comments. Be aggressively friendly + keep in touch w/ people. Got a new art producer contact? Follow the company…and then follow the individual. Build personal relationships. Instagram is an amazing + free way to stay in front of your clients + show them what’s happening in your world. 

When I started repping there was no Instagram, obviously. Now you’re all on it, so you know what it’s all about. This is such an opportunity today and it’s so much easier to connect with people than it used to me. We find clients that are correct for our photographers and connect with them on Instagram and it really works! We end up bidding with them. These people can be almost impossible to reach by normal means. We probably couldn’t call them or email them. This is how you can reach clients.