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Where Do Creative Directors Look for New Talent?


Where do creative directors, art buyers etc. look for new talent? I would appreciate any advice I can get.


The business of photography depends on who sees our images; we have to find every potential method to put ourselves out there. Depending on the type of photographer you are, we have some really good options these days like Komyoon, Workbook, At-Edge, Blvd, Behance, PhotoPolitic, LeBook, Production Paradise, Found and Wonderful Machine. They all have a different vibe, go through them and see where you fit best. I suggest asking clients you want to work with where they look for new talent. After you give one of these a try, you can SEO your website and use Google Analytics to see where the traffic is coming in. It’s a timely process with no easy answer, but if you pay attention to your analytics, you can see what works for you.

Social Media Usage

Be specific about which SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE you are licensing to the client.

  1. PAID is for their ads.
  2. OWNED is on their social media.
  3. You posting it on YOUR FEED (Influencer Posts) which is a separate fee.

Cover Yourself

Make sure you are clear and cover yourself with all crew and talent on a photoshoot that you own the images, and no one is allowed to grant usage to anyone on Instagram without your permission. 

Don’t assume they know the copyright laws; that is your job.

Social Media Analytics


Background to my Question: I have a client, they just won best social media in their industry in Canada, and they recently started using my images across their social media platforms coming into this new year. I want to reach out to more clients in this industry and I’d like to use this client as a case study in my deck… specifically I want to strengthen the case with their social media analytics (assuming the analytics are favourable).

Question: Is it couth to ask a client for their social media analytics in relation to the posts using my imagery in order to beef up my marketing decks?


The analytic results of your images proving the compelling quality of your photo skills are a respectable request. As much as it’s OK to ask, I don’t know many companies that would have that information handy or be allowed to give it out. The way to combat this dependence on the client is to research their social media followers, amount of engagement, and the success of their business before and after. You can include this data in your treatments as you’d be speaking your potential new client’s language.

Creative Ways to Engage Your Audience


What are some creative ways to engage my audience?


Creative ways to engage your audience are about CONSISTENCY. Becoming a daily household name on IG Stories is one of the smartest ways to track your views and have a daily presence. Our goal is to have a client think of us when a job comes across their desk. The strongest branding method is familiarity which can come from enough content giving your audience a sense of who you are. Photographer Caleb Kuhl had his largest following by sharing his office barn and chicken coup building process. Share your recognizable voice to be a part of your audience’s regular routine. 

Networking Options


What are the best networking options these days?


Photographers have to create their own networking as it’s on a more individual basis instead of group events. Directly contacting clients is much more acceptable than it used to be; it’s even more expected these days. Get yourself out there with all the social media platforms and zoom portfolio reviews. See what interests people, notice what they said on a webinar or their LinkedIn post, use all of this as a more human approach to doing one-on-one connective networking.

Making the Most of an Agency Access Subscription


Any tips or tricks on making the most of an Agency Access subscription?


I would not rely on a single source for your contact list management. Agency Access can help and be a good resource if you also collect names of prime contacts in other ways like social media, LinkedIn, and jury/portfolio review event lists. Today’s marketing is multi-dimensional, with all of our combined resources working together. I use Agency Access as a research tool offering info on the masses with valuable insights like client email formats and the brands they cover.

Marketing Kits + Making the Most Out of Social Media (Marketing Part 2) // Navigating the Unknown Episode 14

Navigating the Unknown Episode 14 – Marketing Part 2 is now live on YouTube! This week we speak to photography consultants Amy V. Cooper and Julie Skarwecki about all the steps in a comprehensive marketing plan. How do we make the most out of SOCIAL MEDIA, our contacts DATABASE, and our NETWORKING options?


Amy V Cooper – Photography Consultant

Julie Skarwecki – Photography Consultant

Navigating the Unknown is a Q&A series in collaboration with APA-LA where we speak to different members of the photo community about all aspects of the commercial photography business.

With Co-Host: Photographer Hugh Kretschmer



Do you think that Clubhouse has value? I’ve just recently joined and it seems to.


I’m seeing CH as a major player in our industry so might as well get involved now. Looks like a great platform to join others for education and inspiration. It’s also an opportunity for photographers to step up to the plate and develop a topical discussion on CH for their own marketing. Join the ride and get on there! Hey, photographers can be so isolated, so anything that can help us open our doors and hear what it’s like for others can always be helpful.

Social Media + Production


As the generation on social media becomes the major buying power, is the way of high production and big campaign work going away?


High production and big campaign work have gone down, but mostly it’s changed into more content per photoshoot. High-quality production still happens, but the number of shots has increased because they need more social media assets. The more assets you can deliver through production ideas, equipment versatility, and motion, the better. They need more content, so find ways that you will be the one to give them even more than they are asking for.