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Promos + Reps


Is it appropriate to send email (and print) promos to reps, as I would to prospective clients?


Yes, it is wise to treat reps as you do with any other clients you want to be working with. The goal is to always stay in front of prospective clients in a way that works for them. Mail printed promos to people’s office addresses and email promos are always good, but don’t limit yourself to just those two methods. Be open to discovering new ways to keep yourself out there as our world is constantly changing.

Following Up on “Clicks”


What’s the best follow-up with opened/clicks after sending email promos?


A clicked on email promo gives us a goldmine of valuable information. The gift is that now you know who is interested in your work. Take this knowledge further by adding anyone at their company who is not already on your list and research other companies with similar vibes to get them on your promo list. Follow up with your newly “warm” names who know you in IG with Feeds/DM’s/Stories comments. Finding their IG handles is not always easy; LinkedIn and their personal websites can help. Now it’s time to engage!



What is a One-Sheet attached to an email?


A One-Sheet is what I refer to as an email promo that is more of a specific grouping of images that looks like it is created specifically for that client. It does not have the mass email information on it, and I attach it to a personalized email with images to look like it was created just for them.

Key Points for Marketing Materials

What are clients looking for to include us on their LIST? Our marketing materials are our golden 2-second opportunity to make that happen. They KEY POINTS to make this easy for them are:

  1. Design
  2. Your name
  3. Category
  4. Keywords
  5. Location
  6. Unique specialized skill set

Marketing. It’s that huge topic. How do we get on our clients list when they’re looking for a potential photographer? We want to get on there. We have to incorporate what they are going to be searching for. 


The first one is design. Your design has to be really well put together. Use the design across the board; on your website, your instagram, your highlights, everything should have your look to it. That shows dependability, and professionalism. 


Your logo has to be your name, we don’t have time anymore for you to have two separate things for people to remember. Have your logo be your name. 


The category you shoot, whether it’s portrait, automotive or lifestyle. Make sure that you write it in your email promo so when they do that search for that category, you’re a part of the list. 


Then there are the keywords to specifically describe you in your categories, whether it’s an editorial feel or color pop or  warm family, genuine, authentic, anything that really describes you and your work, make sure you try to write it in there. 


Location, that is a really important one, especially right now. People are going to want to hire locals. 

Then your extras, things you could remember to share, your drone work, or your motion work, or the equipment you use. How many shots you can get per day. All the specific things that are unique to you. And yes it’s always about your style, but this checklist is how the clients can find and remember you.

Website + Branding


I am in the process of launching a new website which has a different front and color of font than my print promo and business card. It is not ideal. Do I create an interim solution or am I overthinking branding?


You are not overthinking branding because your look and vibe should remain consistent. Then again, if you are the start of your career and have not cemented your look + feel then you are more free to explore. We all have to keep revising our look but hopefully there is a consistency to it that continues to grow. The worst part is that your printed promos and business cards should not be used anymore and right now, during this Covid time, that is just fine.

Marketing Yourself


I see marketing myself as a finesse trait. Being aggressive doesn’t work 24/7. How do you find the balance? What’s a good rate of popping up on somebody’s radar?


I relate to your question as I have to restrain myself from being too pushy. I want to be in touch 24/7 but that really can hurt us and close some doors. The main point about popping up on someone’s radar is having something to say. Get to know people and find interesting genuine topics to bring up or really have some new relatable images to show off. The most annoying contact would have nothing to say and sound like “sales”. The general # of email promos for a photographer should be once per month, but again, only if you really have something to show that they haven’t seen.

What is “Marketing” These Days?

What is “Marketing” these days? One way it is different is that we are all feeling more human right now. I’m having an easier time reaching clients and building my email promo lists. People are responding, so say hello.

Printed Promos During Covid


How do you feel about print promos right now? With many people working outside the office, it seems unlikely they will actually see them now.


Mailing printed promos would be a waste of your money right now since our clients are not in their offices. I use printed promos as leave-behinds at showings as well, since those aren’t happening I’d suggest not printing anything right now. Use your marketing budget on email promos and ways of engaging on Instagram.

Standing out in Zoom Meetings


I have some Zoom meetings with creative agencies coming up. Usually you can bring a few books and leave-behinds, and sometimes even cupcakes, when meeting in person. Obviously you can’t do that in a Zoom meeting. 

Any tips or suggestions to help stand out?


Today’s Zoom meetings need a bit more awareness than in-person meetings as you don’t want to talk over others, or be too quiet, too loud, or speak too quickly. Definitely do some tests to see how you can be as crystal clear as possible. Get your lighting right and set up where you will be sitting. I do not suggest using those fake backgrounds as they will get all the attention and may prevent people from hearing what you are saying if they are looking more at your background. Treat the meeting as real as possible and no need to be nervous. Be yourself and listen to others. You can always send your cupcakes over after the meeting, 🙂

Email Promos


Are email promos welcome? Must they mention the pandemic or be relevant to it?


Email promos are welcome right now, maybe even more than ever because people are home at their computers. The images don’t have to be relevant but you may waste the release of an image now since it won’t be used soon. Show an image with the goal to draw clients to your website. To not mention the pandemic now would be insensitive and could even be hurtful. The definition of “too salesy” would be to ignore what your audience is experiencing. Good sale is to know your audience and see it through their eyes.