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On Set

Never Bring Emotions to Work

Best advice I ever received was from photographer Neil Jacobson, who told me to never bring my emotions to my job.


The secret to success for photographers is not to show their “cards” under pressure. Relax and always tell yourself it all gets done in the end with a great supportive team. Diva photographers are a thing of the past and no one wants to work with those guys anymore, high profile and talented or not. People want a light-hearted fun running set, NO DRAMA. 

Guest Post: Anonymous

No Need To Over-Share

Encourage those around you. Don’t tell your clients or models everything you are thinking or working out in your mind. You are the host of the party. Everyone will follow your lead. If something happens that throws you off, quietly figure it out with your team. No need to over-share. Be a professional. 

Guest Post: Anonymous