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Contacting Clients


Aside from paying lots of money for companies like Agency Access, which often don’t include smaller up and coming brands, how do you get contact info and addresses of smaller/local companies?


If you can’t find them on Agency Access or Yodelist I would then most likely use LinkedIn, Agency Spy, or Adweek to see what kind of contact info I can find.

Advice for Aspiring Photographers


What advice can you give to aspiring photographers?


Explore. I don’t even call it testing anymore. Explore and expand your look without losing all that specific edge to your style. As I said before, all photographers need to rediscover themselves on a regular basis. Educate themselves, look at others, assist and learn as much as possible. 


We’ve talked a lot about the importance of social media but I think new photographers could really benefit from thinking beyond social media for their marketing as well. Send emails. Write people on LinkedIn. Go to lunch. Meet people in person. Aspiring photographers may need to get creative by finding ways to connect.


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