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Do You Turn Jobs Away Because of Low Budgets?

January 22, 2024

Do you have to turn jobs away because of low budgets, or do you make it work? If you photographers are in a slow period, does that make you more open to taking on these jobs?

I do have to turn jobs away regularly because of low budgets. 

My checklist to consider these lower-budget projects:

  1. Can this lead to future larger-paying jobs with this client or others?
  2. Is this a paid test that will benefit my photographer’s portfolio?
  3. Will the usage rights be controlled to match the budget?
  4. Would this be a regularly reoccurring client where fees add up as a regular gig?
  5. Does adding the client name to your client list help?
  6. Is there any chance of the low budget restricting the job quality, and if so, this is a definite NO WAY.