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Top Two Recommendations When Searching For a Photo Rep

December 20, 2023


1. Your reasons for needing a rep should lead to the questions you cover with agents to ensure they supply the specific areas you need help with. 

2. Who are the clientele you want to be in front of? Go for the reps who are already in your client’s mix. Whoever the rep works with is where you will be getting attention.

We provide two key recommendations for photographers looking to find the right representation. Firstly, photographers need to evaluate whether they actually need a rep in the first place. While reps were once invaluable for getting into clients and photographers, there are now many other ways that photographers can promote themselves and get their work seen. Therefore, photographers should assess their needs and determine whether a rep is necessary for them. Secondly, photographers need to consider the clients that the rep covers. Different reps specialize in different areas and have relationships with specific clients. Therefore, photographers should look for a rep that handles the areas that they need and has relationships with clients that would be a good fit for their portfolio. Photographers need to ask reps about the clients they cover and whether they handle the areas that the photographer needs. Ultimately, finding the right rep is about finding someone who can help the photographer get their work seen by the right clients.