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Setting Goals to Stay Motivated

January 2, 2023


How do I set my goals when it feels like nothing is working out? I’m feeling discouraged as many of my email promos are bouncing, and things like portfolio reviews aren’t leading to anything. Do I quit? So much of this business is self-motivated that I feel lost and unsure how to have a clear sense of what to do. 


WE CAN’T BE GUIDED BY WHAT IS SET UP NOT TO GO OUR WAY. The odds are not on our side in this business. Standard triple bids set us up for failure, email promo open rates are under 20%, and clients barely respond. Career decisions come to play with strategic and well-mapped-out logical analysis. Break down the areas of this career that work for you, what brought you into this and gets you going, and then propel your future directional decisions off of that.