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Client Killed A Project

May 30, 2022


The client killed a project an ad firm brought to me last minute after I delivered the images. The feedback from the client was simply that they didn’t like any of the images and asked to kill the project – no opportunity to make adjustments or reshoot. Is there any value to reaching out directly to the client with an “I’m sorry that this didn’t work out” email?


Yes, I would suggest reaching out to the client, but not necessarily with an “I’m sorry” email. You stand behind your work proactively and want to see if you can get them what they want or learn from the situation. Is it something you didn’t follow through with that does fall onto your responsibility, or were they unclear in their instructions and approvals on set? I tend to use honesty under challenging scenarios like this to allow the client to respond without being defensive. In saying all this, you should still be paid for your work whether they use it or not. I hope your estimate terms protect you in this situation.