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Estimates, Full Buyout, and Usage Rights

January 17, 2022


It was mentioned on your APA-LA webinar on Estimates a range of 8K-$16 for a full buyout. I got a job inquiry for 2 days, 120 images. They demanded a full buyout. I want $10k for the usage rights, plus my day rate. I didn’t get the job because they don’t want to pay this amount for the usage rights. What do you do? Reduce the $10k or keep your position? At the end I chose to keep my position, but I do need jobs…


Usage rates have no definite set amount, so it’s a bit of an educated guessing game. The other guessing game is when clients use the term “full buyout,” which means they own the copyright or unlimited usage for an unlimited duration. Bidding a job requires negotiation to make sure everyone speaks the same language to reach a mutual agreement. In this case, your $10k usage rate request for 120 images is more than reasonable.