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Disparity Between Total Budget and Photography Fees

November 8, 2021


So, I was recently asked to pitch for a shoot with ***** for *****. The topline brief included a total budget (presented to client) of $80,000. They had set the photographer fee at $1,000 with an inclusive social usage for 3 months (I assume paid post) they also wanted post production included within this fee!

My question is, how common is the huge disparity between total budget and photography fees?


This huge disparity between total budget and photography fees sounds fishy to me. These days, many projects come from smaller social media agencies or directly from production companies, who often have more control over the production budget. We need to keep a watchful eye over who is hiring the photographer and setting the fees. Companies that control your fees may also be the same companies that have you sign away your copyright ownership. Know who you are dealing with, what you agree to, and who you are trusting.