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Ageism in Commercial Advertising

October 18, 2021


Hi Andrea, there is one ‘ism’ no one seems to be paying attention to, especially re women: AGEISM. As a 50 year old woman who has been shooting for a LONG time and really trying every door, window, skylight, chimney, and drainpipe to get into the commercial world, I’ve found very patronizing attitudes toward me that seem totally divorced from the work I’m able to create. While there are places for women my age in the business, virtually none of them seem to involve actually HOLDING A CAMERA. What’s your take?


Ageism is one of the many unfair “ism’s” in our very young-minded industry. Like anything that gets in our way, we have to focus on ourselves and figure out ways to get even better at fixing the core of the problem. I suggest everyone ask themselves what is getting in the way, where we are blocked, and what we can do about it. Ageism is real in photography and advertising; I’ve seen many clients suffer from this as they retire before they are ready. The questions and the answers depend on how we will incorporate our solutions into our business plan.