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Advice on Sending Unsolicited Emails to Clients

September 20, 2021


Any advice on sending an unsolicited email when reaching out to a client that I want to work with? I just finished a project that I would love to share with them, yet I don’t know what are the right steps to take. I would love any thoughts or suggestions on how to approach this. Thanks!


The question is, how do we make our marketing less UnSolicited and more Solicited because an unfamiliar name has higher odds of being deleted.

Here is a list of the top 5 steps to having your work seen vs. deleted:

  1. Emails need to be short, quick and to the point. Having a referral or something personably relatable will always help. IF you want a response, ask a question giving them a purpose to keep the conversation going. 
  2. Find the right person in the position who looks for photographers. 
  3. Make sure you send your work to a client with relatable imagery versus sending food images to Nike. 
  4. Invest in the consistent long-term process of marketing vs. a one-off promo now and then. 
  5. Engagement is readily available these days and can happen in many ways, so try them all and see what works. Engage, engage, and keep engaging!