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Giving Clients Unlimited Usage

September 6, 2021


Recently I’ve lost a few bids because I haven’t given the client an unlimited license. Is this an industry trend? Are clients not paying usage anymore and/or are photographers not charging usage? In my bid, I gave the client all the usage that they asked for, but lost the bid to another photographer who just gave them an unlimited license.


Giving away image usage licensing rights for free gives up the critical framework that supports a career in photography. The only way to win this battle is to be the best photographer you can be. The better you become, the more clients will be forced to stick with photographers who charge for licensing rights. Those who give it away are on a lower playing field, mostly used when a client does not have a high-end specific style and can use a more general undefined look. The only way to not be undercut is to be the precise resource raising their business to that next level. Be the solution making them look even better for using you!