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Treatment Final Edit Checklist

April 14, 2021

Treatment Final Edit Checklist:

  1. SPELLING and GRAMMAR mistakes are more damaging than you may think. 
  2. Use every opportunity to use SPECIFIC words/concepts relating to this client and project in particular. 
  3. Consistency of the organized structure through similar placement, layouts, titles, fonts, etc., to make it easy for them to follow.

Treatments are so important. When you are bidding for a job, you should always do one. Even if you think it’s too small of a job or the client doesn’t need it. Always do a treatment. There are three things to watch out for. The first is spelling and grammar. We know it seems little, but it really stands out if you have mistakes on your treatment. You’re a director, your attention to detail is important. The second is to be specific. You’re probably working off of a template. Make sure that the general lines that describe who you are and how you shoot always include the specifics on that job. That client is wanting to hear how you will shoot their job and not just how you shoot in general. The last one is consistency. Your style and how you set up the content in your treatment should always be consistent. Don’t jump around, make sure the treatment reads smoothly. You’re giving them something that can help you get the job. Remember that. Put time into this.