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Copyright Q&A

January 11, 2021


This whole topic seems to be a little contentious, but I’ve seen more lately suggesting companies/brands should not repost images/videos without permission from the artist. This makes sense to me as they are using it commercially without permission, compensation, or, at the very least, photo credit. My question is how would you suggest handling it?


You are the photographer, so you own the copyright. This is your responsibility to contact whoever used your image without your permission to request to be paid. Unfortunately, IG’s terms don’t support photographers, so I believe if this went to court, you’d lose. It’s important to contact them, let them know you are the photographer and find out where they are using your image. At the very least, you should have your name be tagged to get some PR out of it. I find that clients often don’t know any better and don’t realize they need your permission, so they are open to negotiation.