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Mastering Your Brand

September 23, 2020

Once you master your branding style, grow from within that special sauce to give clients what they will not get with others.

Hone In + Grow Out

Two things we’ve noticed:

  1. Photographers are not getting jobs if they’re too general or not specific enough in their brand. Right now there are more photographers available and less jobs. You have to master something. Think about your competition, someone has really dedicated their portfolio to whatever this job is about. Your brand has to be very strong, you have to know it. It may not be something you can describe, maybe it’s more something you can feel. That’s your look.
  2. Photographers need to expand and grow and move forward. They have to have things like gifs, stop motions and cinemagraphs. We have to be upping the game right now. If you’re too general or if you’re not expanding enough. If you need to expand more you take that look that you know if your style and from there you cohesively expand it.