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Mural Walls Are Our Responsibility

February 5, 2020

Recognizable mural walls are our responsibility to be legally released + paid for before handing over the images to the client. If not, we are putting our clients in danger of significant legal issues.

Before the job begins there’s so many production details that must be your responsibility to get cleared. The location permits, the location fee, and talent releases. Just like your usage is an artist being paid for what you do, the same goes for mural artistry. If we hand over images to our clients and they use it and we did not get that covered, signed off, paid for by the mural artist, we put them at risk of having to deal with a lot of legal problems, and it won’t look good on you. Find out who the mural artists are. I guess a good question is how do we find out who the mural artist is. Usually it will have their name and maybe instagram. It’s our responsibility to find it.