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The Importance of Treatments

February 14, 2017


I would like to hear about the importance of treatments. What is a treatment? Do photographers create their own treatment? What needs to go into it and what should it look like?


A great treatment is one of the 3 keys to getting the photographer the job. 1. Is the portfolio of course 2. Is the creative call and 3. Is the treatment. 


A treatment is a pdf full of all the info to show the creative how the photographer will approach the job. It will include samples of images, locations, talent, wardrobe, etc. 


Yes, photographers create their own treatment and I have to say, it’s like getting their teeth pulled. They are not writers and normally their portfolio speaks for them So this takes a sales type of showing off that photographers are uncomfortable with in general.

It needs to look slick and put together because the creative will read this to know what the photographer is bringing to the “party,” how they work, how they see this job, and how well they can deliver a packaged expression of their work.