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Moving Countries, Not Industries

January 3, 2022


Hello! I’m a well established Swedish commercial lifestyle and outdoor photographer. I also shoot film and direct. My wife is American, and we are planning to move to Minneapolis soon. The transition from Sweden to the US is a pretty big step. I’ve been thinking of creating a second website that I can promote in the US for SEO and content. I want to meet with reps and, of course, brands and agencies. But as I’m not familiar with the market over there, I don’t know where to begin. What would be a good place to start?


Welcome to the USA! One of the best parts of being a photographer is the barometer for good work is pretty much the same across the board. Moving from one location to another does not preclude you from getting jobs unless you want to work in one type of industry but show images from another sector. A wedding photographer has a more challenging time doing commercial advertising because that shows a different visual perception and aptitude scenario. Moving places won’t hold you back; it can even be a catchy conversation tool that will interest people. Rework your website to include the new location content/SEO/vibe based on the type of work you want to be getting, as that is the true focus.