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June 28, 2021


You know what would be a good topic to discuss with your audience? Insurance. As photographers we’re so focused on our craft and drumming up business that we forget how important insurance is until we need it and realize how paramount it really is. Hope you consider exploring that topic. I would love to hear what I should have and case studies.


 I asked my food photographer Vinnie Finn to answer this as photographers purchase their own insurance. This would be a good question to ask your community of photographers. Here is Vinnie’s take on this ‘ “Most commercial shooters use Tom C Pickard for insurance. I use State Farm and haven’t had any issues but I also haven’t had to file any claims. The reason I haven’t moved over to Tom Pickard is the price, it’s significantly more expensive and I’m mainly shooting in my personal studio on my own gear. If I was shooting on location regularly with rental gear and the likelihood of gear being damaged or a car accident was higher I would definitely move over. TCP has a really good reputation in the industry and they are super fast with COI and handle claims (so I’ve heard). I feel covered in terms of theft or damage at the studio and that is my primary concern.”