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Are You In A Slump?

May 26, 2021

Are you in a slump?

Your definition of “work” may be what is actually in a slump.

Restricting ourselves to actions only associated with direct financial compensation will deplete the exact goal we are seeking and thus, make you feel you are in a slump. 

Listen to what you are experiencing, open the studio doors; work requires allowing the many parts of us to flourish and feed what makes us good at what we do. 

Slumps. Are you in a slump? We have this thought about work, that we have to make money and that is the purpose of it. This work energy that we can keep ourselves in and keep fulfilling and flourishing like supporting it. So we can then become better and successful in the financial way but we don’t always have to feed ourselves just by doing what we think is work. That’s why I do AskSternRep. Caleb Kuhl built a chicken coop, and an office and he has a youtube channel discussing technical aspects of photography. That kind of stuff feeds you and it is actually creating more of that work that you want. We just don’t always see it as working. Take time for yourself when you need it instead of thinking you’re in a slump and focusing on the negative part of all this.