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Key Points for Marketing Materials

January 27, 2021

What are clients looking for to include us on their LIST? Our marketing materials are our golden 2-second opportunity to make that happen. They KEY POINTS to make this easy for them are:

  1. Design
  2. Your name
  3. Category
  4. Keywords
  5. Location
  6. Unique specialized skill set

Marketing. It’s that huge topic. How do we get on our clients list when they’re looking for a potential photographer? We want to get on there. We have to incorporate what they are going to be searching for. 


The first one is design. Your design has to be really well put together. Use the design across the board; on your website, your instagram, your highlights, everything should have your look to it. That shows dependability, and professionalism. 


Your logo has to be your name, we don’t have time anymore for you to have two separate things for people to remember. Have your logo be your name. 


The category you shoot, whether it’s portrait, automotive or lifestyle. Make sure that you write it in your email promo so when they do that search for that category, you’re a part of the list. 


Then there are the keywords to specifically describe you in your categories, whether it’s an editorial feel or color pop or  warm family, genuine, authentic, anything that really describes you and your work, make sure you try to write it in there. 


Location, that is a really important one, especially right now. People are going to want to hire locals. 

Then your extras, things you could remember to share, your drone work, or your motion work, or the equipment you use. How many shots you can get per day. All the specific things that are unique to you. And yes it’s always about your style, but this checklist is how the clients can find and remember you.