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Eye Contact in Zoom Calls

November 11, 2020

Zoom calls are our way to connect with clients through our visual presence by direct and confident eye contact.

We’re noticing how important it is to really give eye contact as if you’re in person, because you are, in a sense. You’re as in person as we’re going to be right now. Make sure you have good eye contact and sit up straight. It shows how you are as a person, how you feel about this job and your excitement level as well as your presence if they choose to work with you. Showing good eye contact and sitting up straight shows you’re able to connect with the person you’re having a meeting with. Showing emotion on your face, being a warm person and reiterating what they have said to you, but in your own words will help you connect to whomever you are having a Zoom meeting with. No matter what the point is on the Zoom calls. It’s important to connect with the person you’re meeting with.