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New to the World of Commercial Photographers

September 9, 2019


I am relatively new to the world of commercial photography. I am currently employed by a marketing agency as an in-house photographer to work on clients like Dickies. I am able to execute the multi-tasking nature that is required in this job serving in the roles of producer/photographer/creative director, etc. I am basically a freelancer on a full-time payroll. I recognize that my growth potential here is limited, and ultimately I want to be pursuing commercial photography full-time. However, I’m having a hard time reaching the right clients outside of work. What would you advise?


This is the type of scenario that could help you in the short term and hurt you in the long term if you don’t keep your portfolio growing. You need to do that on your own, after work. Focus your test work on showcasing the exact kind of job you want to book. Your full-time job won’t do that for you. Take advantage of the financial security of a full-time job to test as much as possible.